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Welcome to the The Elder Scrolls Online Roleplay WikiEdit

This wiki informs us of ongoing roleplaying in the soon-to-be Elder Scrolls VI: Online.

All men and mer hailing from all provinces. All packed into one book. This, my friends, is the Book of Life, an ancient relic handed down through the ages of my family, a book that records all beings born on the land of Nirn. And I am it's keeper.

Now you have the chance to check on every story that graced the continent of Tamriel. Go forth, and drink from the Fountain of Knowledge, and fill your heart up with emotions shared throughout all of Mundus. But most of all, learn of your fellow kin. And walk hand in hand, as you enter the divine Aetherius....

Calling all TESO-RP followers!Edit

Hi there TESO-RP followers! We'd like to remind you that the wiki is totally empty, so please create your character page files here, or just copy your character's application form from the forums onto here!

Please use this page as a guideline for how character pages should look like. Please keep them neat and tidy!

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