Eimka is a male Argonian, hatched close to Thorn in Black Marsh on the 25th of Hearthfire. His scales and skin are dark brown much like the colour of mud. The Argonian's eyes are light brown like a sandy colour and do not show emotion much. Eimka is of average height, with below average strength. His head does not have any horns, frills or crests. The Argonian has a long head with a slightly thinner nose and chin. His brow is slightly less heavy than the average Argonian.

The Argonian is peaceful. Focusing on skills in herbs and potions for healing or improving the body's performance. He has been recruited for this reason by a secretive foreign group. Eimka had never left Black Marsh in his life until this group offered him opportunities. He can now study foreign herbs to add to his own tinctures.

Eimka carries around a large leather satchel bag made of fish skins, smelling only of leather as the fish smell left it years ago. Inside this bag is a number of things:

- One pottery jar with several leather bags stuffed with dried herbs such as: Green Stain Cup Caps, Clouded Funnel Cap, Bog Beacon Asco Caps, Stinkhorn Caps, Somnalius Fronds and Tiger Lilly Nectar.

- Many small pottery bottles with strange symbolic markings, full of various herbal tinctures (potions & poisons) such as: Tinctures of Water Walking (marked: Tiger Lilly Nectar & Stinkhorn Caps), Restore Magicka (marked: Stinkhorn Caps & Bog Beacon Asco Caps), Damage Endurance (marked: Somnalius Fronds, Bog Beacon Asco Caps & Clouded Funnel Caps)

- An all purpose knife in leather sheath.

- Bandages in a leather bag.

- Straw in an attempt to keep all these fragile things from breaking.

Eimka wears a leather loincloth made from fish skins. Everything leather is treated with mixtures of oil and wax in an attempt to keep it all from going moldy in swampy environments. He also wears many bone bracelets, bangles and anklets. This Argonian wears something quite unique. After his involvement with the foreign group, he has done something very unusual. He has made for himself a leather bridle teeming with long, thin bones in an attempt to imitate a Dunmer's full head of hair and a Nord's full beard. Eimka is very loyal and proud of his race, perhaps this is just a compromise?

Work in progress

Race: Argonian

Allegiance: Ebonheart Pact

Profession: Alchemical Healer

Alignment: Neutral

Gender: Male

Age: 24, born on 25 Hearthfire

Home: Near Thorn in Black Marsh